Welcome to my blog. I dream of revolution. Currently this blog is a collection of articles written by me in different places. Over time I would like to welcome others to contribute as well.

Sankrant is a word that derives from the Sanskrit root of Kranti–revolution. Adding the Sa- makes it a benevolent revolution, a process of transformation from within rather than violent unrest and overthrow. We shall talk more about what kind of revolution and why. In the meanwhile, enjoy the site and don’t forget to leave comments!

Here is a brief profile if you really want to know. Profiles, of course, belong to the marketing department so don’t take it too seriously. :>

Sankrant Sanu is an entrepreneur, writer and researcher based in Seattle and Gurgaon. His areas of interest include history, religious and cultural studies, entrepreneurship and technology. Sankrant has been actively involved in writing, consulting and social projects. His writing has appeared in various publications in India, USA and UK. His popular blog on Sulekha.com has garnered over 100,000 views. Some of his writings were republished in the book “Invading the Sacred” published by Rupa Publications. His critique of the article on Hinduism in Encarta led to its replacement by a more balanced article by a different academic source. He is also now a regular columnist for Entrepreneur India magazine.

Sankrant has also published and presented in a diverse set of academic journals and conferences including the South Asian Language Review, The International Conference on Indic Religions and the World Congress on Psychology and Spirituality. He is a columnist for SeekingAlpha and has written regularly for Manushi.

Sankrant is involved in mentoring entrepreneurs and in various startup ventures.  He previously co-founded Miloka Corporation, a company providing solutions for the Indian Real Estate Industry. Prior to this Sankrant co-founded Paramark Corporation, a Seattle and Bay Area startup engaged in developing technology solutions for the automated optimization of online marketing campaigns. He spent nine years at Microsoft Corporation in various engineering and management roles. When he left Microsoft, Sankrant had overall charge of development for Microsoft Share Point Portal Server, a project that he helped conceive of and start at the company.

Sankrant is well-grounded in the Indian traditions with a daily spiritual practice of yoga, kriya and meditation. He has extensively explored spiritual disciplines within and outside the Indian traditions. In his cross-cultural exploration, Sankrant studied with esoteric Christian groups, learnt Sufi dervish dances and explored the confluence of psychology and Indian spirituality. With all this he remains convinced of the value that the Indian traditions offer to the human situation and to a diverse, sustainable world.

Sankrant is a graduate of IIT Kanpur and the University of Texas at Austin. He holds six technology-related patents.

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